Saturday, 28 November 2009

The DVD Structure

There is a single file format specified for use with all DVD Books A - D. This file is the UDF/ISO-9660 Bridge format. UDF (Universal Disc Format) is specially designed for optical media and has developed the ISO-9660 format. The advantage of this single file system is the ability of the DVD media are compatible for the set-top players and personal computers with DVD-ROM players. The highest levels of the organization on a DVD disc is a volume. The volume includes a DVD-Video zone, all data elements for the set-top video title sets, and a DVD other zone that can be used for non-DVD-video data elements, such as computer applications. It is important to note that the set-top DVD players can not accs the other areas if they only know how to access DVD-Video zone. Computers can access the different zones and DVD applications to run allowing for further interaction with the DVD-Video zone. Share the DVD structure on top of the structure is the DVD as a whole with the other DVD and video area. Within the DVD-Video zone is the video manager, who is a master directory for the data elements, followed by 1 to 99 video title sets which inclue the video and audio elements. The manager usually includes an introductory video clip of video, such as a logo and a menu for navigation. Video Title Sets and video objects Following the video manager, the video title sets. A DVD can contain multiple title sets. A Video Title Set (VTS) is composed VTS from a menu, and one or more video titles. Titles in turn can be divided into parts of titles (PTT). The data in the video title is composed of Video Object Sets (VOBS), composed of one or more video objects (VOB). A video object consists of the video-audio, navigation data and subpictures for a program. It is fundamental to the VOB file element of the DVD media. The lowest branch of the DVD the cell structure. Each VOB can be divided into one or more cells. A cell can be as large as the entire movie or as small as an MPEG GOP (Group of Pictures). For example a movie with chapter 5, a video manager , a title, a title, a VOBS made from a VOB, and 10 cells. Multiple Titles and Sets VOBS apparent when interactive titles are created. A DVD also an interactive video program by ten artists, each with five videos, artist information . In this case the disk would have: on video manager, ten Video Title Sets, multiple titles for each video. The reason for this division is that the DVD remote has both title and menu buttons. The user can click on the title button to return to the main DVD menu for a title, or click the Menu button to select the menu for the particular title is viewed. Round Kevin is a director of Cofiant, a video editing and DVD authoring company based in the United Kingdom.

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